Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom

We know there are endless reasons for why a baby should be breastfed. What about for the mother? There are many benefits for the mother also when they choose to breastfeed their child.

Breastfeeding can come easy for some mothers but that is not the case for everyone. Babies can have sensitivities to the foods his or her mother is consuming while breastfeeding. When this occurs, mothers will have to alter their diet taking out the foods that are upsetting to their baby.

Breastfeeding gives new mothers the opportunity to become more aware of what they are putting into their bodies even if their babies are not sensitive to certain foods. Being aware of what she is eating can help new moms loose extra baby weight. Another way to lose extra baby weight as stated by the article, Fit Pregnancy, is by simply breastfeeding, moms can burn up to 500 calories per day just by feeding their babies. Name an easier way to get your prebaby body back.

Want a speedy recovery after birth? Breastfeeding can help. While nursing, oxytocin is released as a response into the body. Oxytocin will help shrink a women’s uterus back to normal size faster compared to non-breastfeeding mothers (Lucia). When new moms breast feed continuously her period will be delayed possibly from six months to eight months postpartum. With no periods while breastfeeding, this means there is minor risk for pregnancy in the first six months after birth when feedings are every four hours (Lucia).

Breast milk provides babies with the best antibodies help to fight off many diseases and helps them respond better to vaccines. With these natural antibodies helping newborns stay strong and healthy, this means mothers and fathers will have to take less time off to nurse their ill baby back to health. With less time off work and saving on average $134-$491 per month on formula families will have plenty of extra spending or saving money for their new baby (Lucia).

Breastfeeding also helps lower the mothers risk for many cancers. The risk for breast cancer is lowered due to the cumulative lifetime duration while breastfeeding as mentioned by Ask Doc Sears. The longer a mother nurses her child, the more the risk is lowered. The risk for uterine and ovarian cancer is lowered since during breastfeeding, estrogen levels are extradentary low. With the lower levels of estrogen, the lining of the uterus and breasts are not stimulated to shed or proliferate, lowering the risk for cancer cell growth in these areas (Sears).

Postpartum depression and anxiety can affect any new mother at any point after giving birth causing women to feel hopeless even with substantial amounts of people supporting her.  Studies have shown that breastfeeding can lower the risk for postpartum depression and anxiety (Sears).  One of the greatest parts of breastfeeding for a new mom is the emotional aspect. The bond, the one on one time a mother gets to experience with her baby is something special. She gets to take time out of her day, every day to get to know her baby in ways others do not, and cherish every detail about their perfect little human.

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